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Cultivating a Resilient Heart


SAT JAN 19TH • 1:30-3:30PM


Life is generous with unexpected twists, turns and challenges; for every one of these experiences, our body provides a natural response. Heartache, heartbreak or grief can lead to feelings of hopelessness and fear and create physical pain and numbness. As we give ourselves time to feel where we hurt, we can also learn how to comfort our sacred Heart and cultivate its innate resilience.

Join Aviva for this 90 min Forrest Yoga practice followed by TRE®. This is designed to ease out emotional holding and usher in a balance of strength, connection, insight and resilience. Give yourself the time to track how your breath and your body respond to pain and to healing. Build trust around your incredible innate ability to heal, grow and evolve.
This is an all levels practice but some prior yoga experience is suggested.

$35 in advance, $40 week of workshop